Siding by Royal Building Products: Better in Every Way

Siding by Royal Building Products: Better in Every Way

Royal Building Products has been manufacturing high quality home exterior products for over 40 years. These many years of research and development has lead them to being a leader in the field of vinyl products. Their quality products offer durable, low maintenance features that deliver lasting beauty and enduring value. They are committed to designing products that reflect a high standard of excellence while enhancing your home, and thus your neighborhood. First Choice Exteriors is proud to be able to partner with Royal Building Products in order to provide exterior products that exceed our customers expectations.

Thickness of the Siding Panels

Royal Building Products prides themselves in not taking shortcuts when it comes to quality. One of the ways that some other siding manufacture’s cut costs, is to shrink the thickness of their siding panels. A siding panel can be marketed as a .044 thickness, however if you were to measure the thickness, it would be slightly under .044. Royal manufactures their siding panels in a way that insures that the thickness meets or exceeds the stated specs, which leads to a panel that has more rigidity and stiffness.

Manufacturing Process

Another way that some siding manufacture’s cut costs, is to used recycled material for the back side of the panels. This process obliviously is in the best interest of the manufacturer, however this can lead to color problems and other issues down the road. Sometimes the cut edges will show white, instead of the color of the siding because of this process. Royal Building Products vinyl siding is made using the same material on the back as on the front. This is by far a more superior way of manufacturing, and lends itself to a longer lasting product.


Deep and Rich ColorsPrint

Royal Building Products has been investing in research and development for years, in order to have deep and rich colors in vinyl siding. They have been successful in designing a process that allows the darker color tones to resist the fading powers of the sun. You will be amazed when you see the large color selection that is available in all color tones. These Dark and Rich colors are sure to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Unbeatable Warranty

In order to show that they believe in their products, Royal Building Products covers their vinyl siding with a warranty that will far exceed your expectations. What makes their warranty so special is that it does NOT PRO-RATE or DIMINISH for both the original owner and the following owner. What this means is that if there is uneven fading, or another warranty issue, Royal Building Products will cover both the material and the labor for as long as the original owner owns the home. These benefits can also be transferred to the subsequent homeowner, without any changes to the coverage, and the coverage will continue for as long as they own the home. Click here for a copy of the Double Limited Lifetime Warranty

There are a lot of options in vinyl siding for your home, however it is easy to see that Royal Building Products stands out among the rest, as a manufacturer that is willing to go above and beyond. Whether it is the warranty or the colors that are available, They are committed to providing a product that cannot be beat. Feel free to give us a call today, and we will answer any questions that you might have.


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